Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 4 - Tripping to Goa

Air-travel is never for the faint of heart or the impatient, is something that I've learned over my years of traveling for business, but that is more so when you're doing domestic travel in a country you don't understand the local language. When doing international travel the airlines and authorities try to make as much as possible understandable to foreigners. When traveling domestically there's a feeling that people who submit to it, do so at their own risk.

While I am thankful that English is fairly common in India, the domestic terminal contended with some craziness beyond the regular TSA craziness. For example, my chap stick and listerine pocket packs were submitted to serious scrutiny by the security guard (even using his metal detector wand on them), yet my water bottle and bananas made it through untouched... Awesome!

I flew on a company called Indigo, which is considered one of India's best low cost carriers, and I must admit that they had great service during the smooth 2 hour flight. One thing I'm kicking myself for was not snapping a picture of their job ad seeking stewardess. Politically correct snobs in the US would have had a heart attack at some of the requirements (could actually use less PC snobs, which is why I'm sad I forgot to get a picture of it).

The arrival into the Goa airport went very well, with the exception of the lack of cleans toilets around, which wouldn't have been an issue until I got on the shuttle to the hotel and was told by the driver it would take more than an hour to get to the hotel.

Hotel beach in Goa
The drive to the hotel, for me, was a mix of wanting the driver to speed up and hoping we wouldn't get into an accident. It's a common misconception that people in India drive on the left side of the road, but based on my experience they actually drive on BOTH sides of it while trying to pass other slower vehicles and cows on the road... To make matters scarier I was already warned that if I ever get into a traffic accident in India I should flee the scene immediately by any means necessary... I've been warned that any sort of accident normally develops into a full out riot where people's from the street end up beating up the offending party, even if they're only a passenger... So just in case my first task is to figure out how to escape the taxi or shuttle bus.

Patio outside my room
When I reached the Taj holiday village, I was very pleasantly received and checked into the hotel while sitting comfortably on a couch and sipping some watermelon juice. I was told about the extensive facilities in the resort (pools, beaches, restaurants and other great services) and shown to my nice sea facing room/cottage. The Taj in Delhi had communicated with them to let them know about my Delhi belly so throughout the stay most managers have inquired as to how I'm feeling and have tried to ensure the food I'm eating isn't going to upset my stomach.

By 10 pm I was so exhausted I was out like a light, since it was a very full day with all the travel... I also wanted to be ready to enjoy some of Goa on day 5.

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