Friday, April 27, 2012

India bound

"Where are you going, sir?"
"Delhi in India"
"Oh, for business?"
"Nope, vacation"

I've been part of this or similar conversations for the past month or two since I started sharing my plans to visit India for the first time. As adventuresome as I'd like to believe I am, I wouldn't be making this trip without a bigger reason, which is that of a friend getting married in Chennai. So what better way to discover India and experience a local wedding on the same trip.

Luckily my job gives me enough airline miles that it made getting a decent plane ticket easy. And thanks from some other friends coaching me on destinations I settled on a quick 11 day itinerary to visit Delhi, Goa, and Chennai. Call it my version of eat, pray, love. But instead I'd call it explore, rest, celebrate. I will make that the theme for this trip and this blog post series.

On that note, off I go into the exploration phase. That as every big journey starts with one little step.

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Woww really cool! Enjoy over there! :)