Sunday, April 29, 2012

Delhi exploring - Day 1

After a great arrival into Delhi (see previous post), this morning kept that theme to the trip.

After pushing myself out of bed at 9:39 am, to ensure I took advantage of the hotel's included breakfast, I was able to set up with, the club concierge the schedule for my next few days of transport and activities in Delhi/Agra.

Since it was a "lazy Sunday" I decided to hang out by the pool for an hour before heading out on my initial exploration foray. After a relaxing morning by the pool I realized I was feeling hungry around 1 or 2 pm and after securing some info for the hotel I decided to go check out the Khan market close to the hotel by foot. Ironically enough I didn't make it 50 feet before falling for the great Indian hospitality of a rickshaw driver named Mohan, in the 100+ degree weather, he would save me the walk and show me around the city for a fraction of what I was ready to pay for a metro pass.

My first stop was Khan Chacha (after declining a hotel recommendation for a an Italian restaurant - after explaining to the concierge I didn't come all the way to India to eat Italian fare). My best description of Khan's is what I texted some friends familiar with Austin as "Rudy's in New Delhi". The place was nothing to look at, and the ordering process was very similar to Rudy's. Walk up to a board and order your meal. I had some grilled tika chicken and some mutton to accompany it with.

Mohan and his rickshaw
I was not surprised to find Mohan, my new found brother-from-a-different-mother, waiting for me where he dropped me off, a block from the restaurant. From that point on my real rickshaw tour of Delhi got started.

Mohan took me to the parliament house and prime minister's house, before heading over to the Delhi Gate. After visiting the Delhi gate I was taken to the rickshaw expected "store", that had a huge bounty of silk and trinket items. After the store we visited the Lodi Gardens and got to walk through Sikander Lodi's tomb before heading to a final "store", where I couldn't find a thing to buy and then dropping me off at my hotel again. Since it was relatively early I managed to get a few more hours of sitting by the pool before enjoying the cocktail hour at the hotel and going for an early dinner at one of the restaurants that Mohan suggested... After all, he IS my brother.

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