Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lessons learned in my visit to Melbourne

1. Melbournians LOVE their sports.
2. Australian Rules Football (also known as Footy) makes no sense to non Australians.
3. In a confrontation between you or a tram, the tram seems to always win. If you see one coming, MOVE, because their drivers will NOT stop.
4. If your tram hits a person, it's time to start walking, because that whole line will get shut down for hours (so please heed point 3 above)
5. Melbournians have a big chip on their shoulder against Sydneysiders.
6. You will learn based on #5, that Sydney has never been the capital of australia, but Melbourne has.
7. Melbourne is one of those cities that has been known to have all 4 seasons... On the same day. I actually experienced this.
8. Melbourne is one of the few cities where getting lost can be easily accomplished and will yield some beautiful discoveries of cafes, shops and restaurants in the tiniest of dark alleys.
9. Three days is nowhere close to enough to enjoy Melbourne, between the beauty of the Great Ocean road, the wine and color of the Yarra Valley, and the charm of this Victorian city I feel like I need several more months to fully appreciate it.
10. Great phrase from a Melbournian, "Sydney is wonderful for a one-night stand, beautiful and flashy, but completely superficial; but Melbourne is who you want to build a relationship and take home to meet mum" (see #5 above)

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