Monday, August 1, 2011

Tentative Australia Itinerary

I have finally booked my vacation airline ticket and it looks as if I'm good to go to visit Bangkok and Sydney. They say that the journey is a big part of the experience, and to make that also be a great part of it I figured I'd get plane tickets in first class, since after all I already flew enough miles last year to afford it as a reward ticket.

I'm trying to build a solid and packed itinerary, and having extended my stay for a few extra days, I now need to figure out where else to visit in Australia to make the most of my trip. Considering that I want to avoid blowing my budget anything I do will need to have a cheap way to get there and hopefully cheaper lodging than Sydney.

Here's what I have so far, if anybody has other recommendations or additions I'm all ears:

9/2: Arrive Sydney – Rest up and maybe do the city tour bus… Go out drinking (Friday!)
9/3: Tour around: Opera House / Bridge Tour – Drinking (Saturday!)
9/4: Museums and other touristy stuff that might be open (Probably Drink a bit more since it's Sunday!)
9/5: Wine Tour to Hunter Valley (Enough Said - Drinking all day!)
9/6: Blue Mountains
9/7: Blue Mountains or fly somewhere else (Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth)?
9/8 Other city
9/9: Other City
9/10: Other City – maybe fly back in the evening and overnight at the SYD airport.
9/11: Take flight back to Sydney and leave Sydney at 2 pm.

Overall, should be a lot of fun!

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