Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dealing with ambiguity on vacation

At work we always use the term "dealing with ambiguity" as part of our competency definition. In a nutshell it's used to describe the ability to go with the flow.

Last night I got to experience it in a different context, when I found out that my long planned vacation, missed a key component. I didn't validate the information I was given about not needing a visa to get into Thailand. So, halfway on my trip I had to adjust plans on the fly and forego my stop in Bangkok... Never mind happy endings, this wasn't the happiest of beginnings to my vacation.

At least as much as it sucks, I now know better and I'll get to spend 12 fun filled hours in Bangkok's airport, waiting on my connection to Sydney.

The good news is that I was able to be flexible and am not letting the minor setback ruin the taste of this vacation.

Who knows, I may get to make it to the Great barrier reef after all...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting Ready to Fly

After a few months of planning, my vacation is finally about to begin. There's less than 24 hours to go and I have yet to start packing...

At least I'm very proud of all my planning and research so far. I have friends who have connected me with their friends in the different destinations and I feel like I have a good plan ready to go.

With the bags packed, I'll be ready to go on another adventure soon enough and will be posting pictures and updates regularly.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tentative Australia Itinerary

I have finally booked my vacation airline ticket and it looks as if I'm good to go to visit Bangkok and Sydney. They say that the journey is a big part of the experience, and to make that also be a great part of it I figured I'd get plane tickets in first class, since after all I already flew enough miles last year to afford it as a reward ticket.

I'm trying to build a solid and packed itinerary, and having extended my stay for a few extra days, I now need to figure out where else to visit in Australia to make the most of my trip. Considering that I want to avoid blowing my budget anything I do will need to have a cheap way to get there and hopefully cheaper lodging than Sydney.

Here's what I have so far, if anybody has other recommendations or additions I'm all ears:

9/2: Arrive Sydney – Rest up and maybe do the city tour bus… Go out drinking (Friday!)
9/3: Tour around: Opera House / Bridge Tour – Drinking (Saturday!)
9/4: Museums and other touristy stuff that might be open (Probably Drink a bit more since it's Sunday!)
9/5: Wine Tour to Hunter Valley (Enough Said - Drinking all day!)
9/6: Blue Mountains
9/7: Blue Mountains or fly somewhere else (Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth)?
9/8 Other city
9/9: Other City
9/10: Other City – maybe fly back in the evening and overnight at the SYD airport.
9/11: Take flight back to Sydney and leave Sydney at 2 pm.

Overall, should be a lot of fun!