Monday, May 30, 2011

Vacation Plans 2011

After all the travel I have been doing for the past year, some of my friends ask me if I'm tired of it.

The truth is that, no i'm not tired of it... yet.

Though I have to admit it would be nice to plan a trip for personal purposes.

Since I have a goal of covering all the continents over the next few years, I figure that I'd like to explore Australia (leaving Africa as my final frontier to explore, maybe next year?)

I have been researching some options and I'm trying to figure out how to get there and maximize my experience (without breaking the bank).

This is an initial itinerary, but would love any reader's input (i'll be updating as the date gets closer and my plans become locked).

Also, note that the dates are relatively flexible and they may be pushed out it better deals become available, but this is just a rough draft.

Depart TX via LAX on Friday, August 26th.
Depending on the airline I'll probably spend until August 31st in their main stop. Current options are (will depend on price, but the airlines needs to be part of the Star Alliance or Continental partner to get me mileage credit):
  • Thai Airlines, stopping in Bangkok
  • Air New Zealand, stopping in Auckland
  • Emirate Airlines, stopping in Dubai (currently way out of price range
Arrive in Sydney on August 31st
  • Sept 1st  thru 5th- Sydney
Travel to Melbourne on Sept. 6th
  • Sept 6th thru 9th Melbourne
Travel back on Sept 10th

I'll try to expand on the plans for each leg as the date gets closer and I get more feedback.