Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zen and the art of waiting

Considering how rushed we live our lives, I sometimes wonder why? What are we in such a hurry for? We all end up the same way.
With that thought in mind I am trying hard to control my impatience.
I was just congratulated at a restaurant for my zen like approach to a longer than expected wait. I'm not sure if the beer helped me find my chi, or if the chi was bringing me beers.
Either way, I didn't mind the wait as much as I thought I might. Even though I was starving, I believe the great food made it worth it.
Besides, it's not like I had anything more important to do.
Living the moment is what's it all about.

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AngelaJoTM said...


I agree with you... What's the rush? We live in a world that places a ton of external restrictions on us in terms of our time, our space, our availability... I think revolting against this... appreciating the moments we wait as a gift of whatever it may be is a revolt of sorts where we reclaim what we own... I'll join your revolution!!! Besos, A