Friday, September 10, 2010

Creative Destruction Part 2: Personal life edition

My loyal readers (probably just me...), might remember last year's post on Creative Destruction: Executive Job Edition... Turns out I actually believe the theory holds beyond just work. It even applies to people's personal lives.

At least, right now I feel I'm going through precisely that vortex. Everything I believed in, is no longer valid, and everything I was hoping for is now beyond my grasp. What got me to this point? Creative destruction. The hope and belief that out of this dark hole will emerge new opportunities, dreams and hopes. Essentially the opportunity for a new life comes out from the missed opportunities of my old self.

Right now I'm in the beginning of my journey down my rabbit hole. But as time goes by I hope to start turning dreams into reality again. That's the only way to live. Expecting that the future WILL get better, no matter how bad it might look today.

Here's hoping that the theory holds.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tough Life

What do people do when life gives them lemons?

Few of us make lemonade, that is the truth. Which is why we found the stories about those who do so inspirational.

Since i am not making lemonade, i am at least trying to make some margaritas. At least a lot of the bitterness gets dissipated thanks to the alcohol.

A lot of platitudes exist to explain why life is tough. In my current view. C'est la vie.