Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wine Mecca: Mendoza

Today I have spent my first day in Mendoza, and I have come to the conclusion it seriously deserves the title of "Wine Mecca", thanks to its large number of wineries (1200+) and the quality of its wine.

I have come out from touring 4 of Mendoza's wineries and they were all wonderful. Some of these were small, other large. Some were even massive (Catena Zapata), while others were brand new. Overall, the experience so far beats Napa into the ground and makes me root for the underdog.

Between the great wines at Bressia and the 4/5 course meal with wine pairings at Ruca Malen, I am still in vacation heaven, so I will wait to post more pictures and comments.

But in the meantime, all I can say is that if you haven't visited Mendoza yet, you're totally missing out...

Tomorrow I go to Valle de Uco, also known as Argentina's best wine source.

Gotta love vacationining sometimes!

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