Friday, December 18, 2009

Year in Review 2009

At the beginning of this year and then halfway through it I promised I'd blog more... well, I didn't. And that's OK.
As my friend Marcos said, as long as I don't post that I will post more often, it will all be OK.
On that note I wanted to write down some of my thoughts on 2009.
  1. 2009 sucked!
  2. 2009 was ok.
  3. 2009 was Awesome!!
I guess that pretty much covers it then...

Looking back this was a year with ups, downs and all around.
The year started coming out of a bloody economic beating with a lousy job market full of storm clouds. Some mild depression on the overall world situation and no signs of improvement.

A third of the way through, the year started improving. New managers, some travel to places like Alaska and Miami to keep myself entertained and some very interesting career opportunities came up that were worth a second look.

The last third of the year was probably the best on a professional level. One of those opportunities DID work out and thus I moved from an operational role, where I felt like I had seen it all before to a very exciting new role in the company's marketing team for Latin America. The past 4 months have had me learning a lot about our business and teams in the Latin America regions and getting to travel enough to keep my wanderlust in check. At the same time, there's a bunch of good things going on with the rest of my family, since my dad and wife both got new jobs that have provided them too with new energy.

As the year comes to a close, I am looking forward to 2010 since it promises some very interesting challenges and new opportunities... It's not 12/31 yet, but I think it's time to start popping the cork on some bubbly...