Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random things about me

This is based on the Facebook "viral" get to know me campaign.

1. I feel lucky every day to wake up next to my wife and notice that I'm blessed to have her in my life.

2. My family rocks. I learnt the value of hard work from my dad, how to be a good person from my mom, and sharing from my sister. Most of all, my grandparents taught me the most important lessons. Humility and love are the key to a good happy life.

3. I'm an impatient person. I have to consciously force myself to wait for things when they take too long.

4. I love having long dinners with good friends and family. It's not done enough in the States, but a 2 hour dinner in good company makes for a wonderful night.

5. I believe in actions. Words are very easy for people to say, but most often their actions don't match the words.

6. I think that Free Market Capitalism is the best economic system available. I am reading Atlas Shrugged for the second time to remind me why this is true, no matter what the people in the media say.

7. The TV Media sucks! Only news program I can tolerate to watch is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Also, News 8 Austin is a channel I appreciate because of the focus on local events, including the good things in town, not just the sensational, gory stories.

8. I pull band aids off very quick and dive into the pool when the water is really cold just to get it over with. I hate to draw out suffering. It's easier for me to get something bad over with and just move on than it is to delay pain.

9. The toughest times in my life are what have made me the strongest. Moving to Mexico when I was young, and then getting laid off from my favorite job were the 2 toughest moments that I can recall. They are both the best examples of dealing with adversity.

10. Living in Montana for 6 months during the winter taught me that I can adjust and enjoy anything. Even the cold of weather. I had some of the best 6 months and met great people, while there.

11. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I figure I'll discover it when the time is right. In the meantime, I'll continue doing what I'm doing.

12. Life is too serious to be taken seriously. Laughing at it is one of my biggest joys.

13. I wasn't a cat person until Fletch came into my life. Now, as much as he can annoy me sometimes (like at 5 am when he walks on top of me), he's made me discover how awesome a cat is.

14. I still want to get a dog. I read Marley and Me and saw a lot of episodes of "It's me or the dog" and the thought that kept running through my mind was 'I want one!'

15. I can't wait to be a dad. It terrifies me, but I feel that given my awesome family I should have a good recipe in my hands.

16. I love discovering new places, I hate sitting in planes or cars waiting to get there. (see #3)

17. Only exception to #16 is traveling on a cruise ship. It's impressive to feel like I'm in a moving city.

18. I was really disappointed when I was coached at work on being less passionate about what I do. I think passion should be in everything we do for it to be worth it.

19. I think Suburbia is overrated, but at least it's priced accurately for what it is. I'd rather live downtown, but can't justify it.

20. Only tool I know how to use is a hammer... Did you know you can put screws in with a hammer too?

21. My biggest fear is to live with too many regrets.

22. I love to cook for other people, but I'm usually afraid that my food will be inedible, so I only experiment on my wife.

23. I want to live in Hong Kong some day and learn to speak Cantonese.

24. I was afraid of speaking in public until I got to translate a speech for the Argentinean Delegation of a Youth Forum at the United Nations... I was sick to my stomach for days afterward, but looking back it was a great experience.

25. "Walk hard down life's rocky road... That's my creed... that's my code!"

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