Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My favorite Austin reporter has moved on

For those of you who live in Austin and have Time Warner Cable, I would be surprised if the name Amy Hadley didn't ring a bell.

Amy has been for the past 5 years or so one of my favorite news reporters / anchors on News 8 Austin. The channel is usually one of the 2 we watch at home on a regular basis (the other being Comedy Central).

Lately I'm extremely critical of the news media, since I believe they're extremely biased, sensationalistic (is that even a real word?) and inaccurate, but I'll leave the soapbox for a different post.

What made me a big fan of News 8 was their constant focus on community news and even looking for ways to bring stories that showed there's still good people out there. Out of all their anchors, Amy Hadley was probably our favorite. She has the most adorable smile and seemed to be always in a great mood and loving life for all her stories. From her segments on Forever families, making foster kids shine for their inner greatness to the high energy "Fit for Friday" pieces that had her doing everything from boot camp routines to ice skating to rock climbing to even crazier activities.

We will really miss seeing her on News 8 Austin, but are sure that she will do great in her future activities, and hopefully we'll see her lighting up living rooms across the country in the near future.

Good Luck Amy! And we can keep up with her adventures on the following address:


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Sylvia VT Calabrese said...

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