Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 New Year's resolutions

Now that the New Year's eve party is over, and the house has been cleaned up (at least enough to continue living in it...), the damage has been fixed and the year is back into gear. I thought I'd write down a few resolutions for 2009 that I hope to continue to work on.
  1. Work on something I'm passionate about: I started trying to find more meaning in my work last year, and I feel like I have gotten closer. As 2008 came to a wrap I was able to discover more and more what makes me tick. I will continue to search for this during 2009, even in a tough economy I believe I should be able to find something that will excite me in the mornings.
  2. Exercise more / Lose weight: Ok, this is on every year's list, but I still want to keep it as number 2 for me. I'll be signing up tomorrow for a gym that's close to my house to avoid the common (and bad) excuse of "it's too far". While diets provided some weight loss last year, none of it was permanent enough. Besides working out does make me feel better (after the muscle pain goes away!)
  3. Blog at least once a week. I wonder who reads this most of the time, but I mostly write this as a reminder to myself.

I'll start out with these 3 and if I really make them all happen I may add more, but in the meantime I'll have something to run to.

Happy 2009!


Unknown said...

¿Y qué tal si te pones como propósito el decirme cuál es tu correo para poder seguir en contacto? Me quedé esperando por esa respuesta, y como ya no actualizabas tu blog, creí que habias quedado intoxicado debido al exceso de alcohol... otra vez.


Unknown said...

Ah si, casi lo olvido:


Funny Life said...
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