Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My favorite authors

While chatting with my uncle a few weeks ago we were trading book reccommendations, since he reads as much (or more) than I do.

He suggested I should write them down and send him my thoughts and he would do the same, so we could exchange favorites... I have already read many of his recommendations and have really enjoyed them.

Due to my style, I'm separating the list in two: the first part will be my favorite authors, whom I'll read anything they publish; the second part will be specific books I have really enjoyed or that have moved me.

Favorite Authors:

  • W.E.B. Griffin. This is probably one of my favorite authors of historical fiction (books that mix fictional characters with real historical events and people). My favorite series of his are Brotherhood of War and Honor Bound. In some of his latest novels I have really enjoyed his setting the story in Buenos Aires.
  • Michael Crichton. From Dinosaurs to airplane accidents, his books have been really wonderful fiction accounts. No wonder his books are airport kiosk favorites. He will be sorely missed.
  • Robert Ludlum. I first came upon him thanks to my uncle's recommendation of the Bourne Identity. Since then I have read the full Bourne series, and most of his other books (by now I have trouble remembering which titles I already went through and which ones are new to me). Ludlum has become such an important name, that even after his death books continue to be published in his style by other authors.
  • Dave Barry. For a good laugh, there's no better prescription than a Dave Barry book, even though his humor is a bit basic (boogers is one of the most common words used across his works), it still makes me laugh out loud when re-reading his articles.
  • Herman Wouk. Another master of historical fiction. I have actually read twice the Winds of War and War and Remembrance books, which are not small books, but I consider great epic novels. Also, his books on the creation of the State of Israel (The Hope and The Glory) are extremely inspiring.
  • Leon Uris. I started reading Uris' books in high school when I picked up Exodus and Mila 18. After that, if it had Uris' name on it I read through it and was really surprised to find other gems in books like The Haj and one of my other favorites, Trinity.
  • Joseph Finder. This is my favorite suspense author. I started reading Paranoia and loved it so much that I have continued to pick up any book he publishes. The latest one of his I 'read', Company Man, I actually got via audible.com, which proved to be another treat thanks to the great narrative behind it.

On that note I'll continue another post with my favorite titles at my next opportunity.

Updated: Fixed a typo and added a couple more authors I remembered.