Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am a PC

I got to see Microsoft's I am a PC campaign a few days ago, and yesterday I also listened to some interesting commentary on it when catching up with my TWIT episodes.

Obviously I'm a bit biased on this, but at some point I even considered getting a Macintosh (shhh!). Apple's "switch" campaign was working on me... that is, until I looked at the prices on the basic computers. I'm sure that at one point there was some cool factor that came with owning a Mac, but call me thrifty... I can't justify spending 2x for half the power.

Ironically enough I was working from a coffee shop today and noticed how almost every computer around me was an Apple. I remember a point in time when Mac's where for people who were non-confirmists. Now it looks to me like without meaning to I became a non-conformist by using my Dell Laptop in public.

Go figure


Kirsch said...

You are wrong at many levels:

a) "spending 2x for half the power"? Creative license?
b) Have you seen the build quality on Macs when compared to, say, DELLs? It's like comparing a BMW to an El Camino
c) It's not about how much memory you get or how fast the processor is. At the end it's about being able to use Mac OS X instead of Windows. You can't put a price on that and the difference is huge, you can't imagine until you really learn to use both.

c) is the main thing. You're missing the whole point. The day you get a Mac, the only thing you'll be wondering is why you didn't get one before.

Kirsch said...

PS: You should rename this blog to "The Totah Quotah"... it's much funnier.

Funny Life said...

Here's why you're right:
a) 2x is probably wrong... but it's not too far:
That shows that it's between 30% (Low end) to 70% more (Pro versions) for the same power. If you got to Best buy or dell.com you can find a good starter system around $500 (3GB RAM, 250 HDD, etc) which is more than the $1300 of the cheap Macbook (2GB RAM, 160 HDD).
Overall, prices on Macs make them unreasonable in an objective comparison.
re: c) While Mac OS X is probably great for some it still has some barriers to entry (such as not all Windows software is available... though now there's more of it around). But in case you mentioned the bootcamp argument, let's go back to the price argument. I could buy 2 PC Laptops for less than a Mac one.
I fully agree with your point b) though, Mac's look nice. Which is the reason I have looked into them so much.
Based on my limited experience with the Mac OS, I have noticed that it's much tougher to troubleshoot when things go wrong (usually thanks to my sister breaking her Mac and asking for my help).
Bottom line is that until Apple doesn't come up with a ~$700 decent laptop I will continue to have trouble going for it.

Funny Life said...

I guess as usual, i was ahead of my time: