Thursday, October 2, 2008


My neighbors have dogs. Most of them are the cutest dogs you can imagine, some even championship level dogs. One, though has a miniature Schanuzer who has singlehandedly managed to drive me crazy.
I believe it's not necessarily the dog's fault, since more likely his/her owner is to blame. This dog is probably so understimulated throughout the day, that every time he's let out into their backyard he simply barks and hollers to his heart content "Look, air. Look grass. Look, a door. Look, people. Look, something..." is what I imagine he's trying to tell us. But what I hear is incessant barking for long (eternal?) minutes at a time. Sometimes he will bark and howl for more than 30 minutes until his door is opened and he's allowed to go back inside.
Tonight, though I got tired enough of this that I put my request on paper from my neighbor (who won't open the door when her dog is barking after 9 pm outside and I am ringing her doorbell... though she will let her dog in immediately). And here it is in its full glory. My letter to "Cujo"s mom:
Dear Neighbor,
I am writing this, because I have tried to knock on
your door more than 3 times already when your dog has been barking incessantly
and insanely for long spells at a time without any response from you (until my
ring on your doorbell).
Obviously none of my visits have received an actual
response, so I am forced to write this as a last civilized attempt at
I am really trying to open a channel to find a way we can work
something out where your dog can have a healthy lifestyle without driving us
insane, since his barking at all hours whenever he’s allowed outside transfers
very easily into our dining room, living room and bedroom making it tough to
Please, I am asking you that you find a way to train him to be less
“vocal”, tire him out more, or just keep him locked inside as soon as he barks.
Dogs are amazingly smart animals when given the right feedback, so I am sure we
can work something out.
But as new neighbors who are looking at living here
for a long time, I am trying to avoid a point where this will become a full
neighborhood issue.

Thank you and best regards

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Feed chocolate to the dog