Monday, October 27, 2008

Argentina - Here we go - Day 0

After scrambling around the house like crazy, we managed to finish packing everything and getting the house ready for our absence. We left enough food for Fletch to help himself to, and tried to even reduce our carbon footprint by unplugging stuff we might not need (DVR's)... Yeah, the Blueknot event taught me some new things.

Since we had a very tight DFW connection I was really happy to be able to get on an earlier flight to Dallas, which helped me relax and start enjoying my vacation. An interesting thing was that I kept bumping or seeing people I knew. Both from work and B-school. Since Austin is such a small city, it's not that unusual to see one person I know at weird places, but it felt like I kept seeing familiar faces.

I didn't make too much of it until the most random event happened. For the longest time there's a couple we keep bumping into that I used to know from work. Never got to hang out with them or work directly with, but I kept seeing them around. Usually we see them at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant (Sagiang), but lately we've seen them around town in even weirder settings, like the Farmer's market and other sites. Yet nothing surprised me more than when I sat at my seat on the Dallas-Bs.As. Leg of the trip and across from us was the same guy we keep bumping into. At that point I just found it so funny that I struck up a conversation with him to catch up, since he no longer worked at my same company. At least next time we bump into them, I'll know their names!

The rest of the flight was pretty uneventful other than AA alcohol prices are getting closer and closer to Manhattan nightclub drink prices... without the ambiance. At least after a couple of scotches I got a bit of rest until we were closer to landing. Ten hours in a plane can be a long time...


Unknown said...

Estimadísimo Mike, me acordé de ti y me tardé dos minutos en encontrarte (y varios minutos más en saber qué ha sido de tu vida en estos años).

¿Así que ya te casaste? Muchas felicidades, te deseo lo mejor.

Si mal no recuerdo, Byron y yo nos quedamos esperando tu turno de Stars!


Javier Corpus

Funny Life said...

Que gusto oir de ti. Mandame un mail si puedes para seguir en contacto.
La verdad es que deje Stars cuando descubri World of Warcraft :)


A ver cuando vienes de visita, ya que no te quedo tan lejos.


Unknown said...

Yo creí que ya habías renunciado a tu blog, ya que tenías muchos días sin actualizarlo.

Con gusto te escribo un correo, pero ¿a qué dirección?